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I’m sure you have questions. Starting with… Why two names? My name is Melissa, and I wanted to keep that piece of me and share it with you. Winters and Holtz are pen names. I went that route because I knew I’d be writing slightly different genres, and I hoped two names would keep the confusion down. It also gives me the creative ability to show the contrasting sides of my personality. As an introverted extrovert, things can get quirky in my house. Keep reading to learn about the two sides of Melissa 😉

Get to know Holtz

Introvert. Marketing Maven. Traditionally Published…

Melissa Holtz writes about a quirky group of friends in the prime of their lives, using their mystical abilities to help solve local mysteries, with the help of a devilishly handsome detective.

Holtz would be the side of me that likes fine wines, fancy foods, and hops in bed while the sun’s still setting. I’m a mom of three very active kids whose schedules make me tired just looking at them. Wanna talk about industry trends and paranormal mystery books? I’m your girl!

My debut novel, An Enchanting Case of Spirits, was acquired by the amazing Berkley team, a division of Penguin Random House. Join my Love List for all the deets!

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Get to know Winters

Extrovert. Oracle Lover. Self Pub…

Melissa Winters writes Romantasy books involving vampires, witches, demons, fallen angels, fae, etc. Under the Winters name I build worlds that have been swimming around in my imagination since childhood.

Winters is a beer and pizza girl who can be found slinging back a shot of tequila now and then. She’s into all things oracle/tarot and will read your cards if you ask. Winters’ books are steamier and meant to be enjoyed with at the very least a good cup of coffee or stash of chocolate (must have peanut butter or caramel included, ha!). Don’t know where to start? Click on reading order on the side!

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