Blood that Burns

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Series: Blood Legends #3
Release Date: August 31, 2022

Vampires are real. I’ve always known this.

It’s the reason I jumped from Widow’s Peak, leaving behind my life, and those I love the most.

Law Bellamy, vampire prince being one of them.

He’s the reason my family and I were safe all those years and the only thing I’ve ever wanted for myself.

Law pushed me away.

Thrust together once more, I’ll need to put my feelings aside to stop an impending war. Several ancient vampire families vie to take the throne and if that happens, no human will be spared.

I’m Law’s familiar, charged to harness the power he needs to help keep Julian on the throne.

My blood and that of my sisters is the key to everything.

Our only chance at stopping the war is for me and Law to embark on a quest to the Fae kingdom to find my missing sister and bring her home.

No matter what Law says, this love isn’t one-sided. It’s in the way he looks at me. Touches me. Protects me. It’s not just my blood he craves. The chemistry between us is combustable. And if we’re not careful, one of us is bound to get burned.

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