Lies Legends Tell

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Series: Pandora Chronicles #2
Release Date: October 28, 2021

I’m the descendant of two powerful covens and the secret that their legends were created to keep safe.

One side wishes to hide me away for safekeeping, and the other wants to find and control the gifts I’ve yet to harness.

As if that isn’t enough for a teenage girl to handle, they throw in a twisted love triangle that I didn’t sign up for.

One has my heart strongly rooted in the past, while the other grounds me in the present.

Nothing has been easy since I arrived in Pandora. Strange occurrences are piling up, and so are bodies. With the town’s namesake sneaking around, it’s not likely to stop. The time to harness my powers is now to have any hope of saving my friends and myself.

The days of secrets and lies have ended. If we’re to win this war of good versus evil, all the cards need to be laid out, and we’ll have to work together. Otherwise, Pandora might be wiped off the map for good, and all of us along with it.

One chapter closes and another begins in Lies Legends Tell!

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