Secrets Legends Keep

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Series: Pandora Chronicles #2
Release Date: May 13, 2021

My life has been a series of plot twists, most of which I saw coming. I’ve been having visions since I was a child, so not much can throw me off balance. But one that came as a surprise was when my brother and I were whisked away to the sleepy town of Pandora.

From the moment I crossed the town line, everything changed. Ghostly encounters, cryptic dreams, and deep connections to two local boys have me questioning what to believe. With my heart and my head at odds, I’m racking up enemies when what I need are allies.

There’s something strange going on in this creepy town, and I’m at the center of the secrets.

There are plenty of local legends to be told, but the more I learn about my new home—and my connection to it—the more questions arise. The campfire stories might actually be truth passed off as myth, and I’m the secret they were created to hide.

Except nothing stays hidden for long.

Secrets Legends Keep is book 1 in The Pandora Chronicles. This coming of age book features witches, ghosts, and soul mates!

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